Uplifting Stories

Uplifting Video: Chris Pratt Squares Off With 'The Apparently Kid' in Dinosaur Trivia Posted Mon, Apr 27 2015 - 9:35AM
On the Ellen Show, Chris Pratt, star of the new movie “Jurassic World,” squared off with Noah Ritter — the Apparently Kid — in a battle of colossal proportions.

The two tested their dinosaur knowledge in a trivia game.

Apparently, Pratt should have studied more.
Uplifting Video: Construction Worker Saves Toddler Dangling From Building Ledge Posted Mon, Apr 27 2015 - 8:46AM
A construction worker in Singapore was captured on camera rescuing a toddler who was hanging from a building’s ledge after her head got stuck in a railing.

Someone had seen the toddler in distress and shouted for help. Two men are said to have attempted to climb onto the second-floor ledge to help the child, but they were unable to heave themselves up.

Then two construction workers who were doing repairs nearby dashed to the scene.
Uplifting Video: Dog Born Without Front Paw Finds The Perfect Companion Posted Fri, Apr 24 2015 - 9:10AM
Three-year-old Sapphyre Johnson was born with a birth defect that led to her being fitted for two prosthetic feet. But after her last visit to the hospital, she came home with more than just new prosthetics — she had a new friend too.
Uplifting Video: Pizza Hut Surprises Young Inventors With Party Featuring Their Creation Posted Fri, Apr 24 2015 - 8:27AM
During a statistics lesson, a group of eighth-graders at Clearview Middle School in New Jersey were challenged them to come up with ideas for new food products based on data and information they collected.

One group got a delicious response.
Uplifting Video: NFL Superstar Surprises Young, Amazing National Anthem Singer Posted Thu, Apr 23 2015 - 8:38AM
Twelve-year-old Nicholas Connors sang the National Anthem at Tuesday night's Rockets-Mavericks playoff game. What people didn't know is that Connors was battling tonsillitis and laryngitis.

That didn't stop him from nailing it. In fact, the performance was so good, it moved an NFL star to his feet -- and onto the court.
Uplifting Video: Prince Harry Plays Wheelchair Football With Wounded Soldiersr Posted Thu, Apr 23 2015 - 8:04AM
Prince Harry visited the Robertson Barracks in Australia last week to play a wheelchair version of Australian rules football with military members at the Soldier Recover Center.

The prince first visited wounded, sick and injured members of the military at the recovery center, later joining fellow members of his brigade along with soldiers from the recovery center in the friendly game.
Uplifting Video: Family Writes Children's Book To Show Mom How Much They Care Posted Wed, Apr 22 2015 - 8:35AM
When Deborah had forgotten how important she was to her family, they set out to change that by that reminding her.

They collaborated with children’s author Paulette Bourgeois, and with the help of the Kraft Peanut Butter team, wrote a children’s book.

You'll love the moment she finds out it's about her.
Uplifting Video: Man Finally Sees Mother's Face For First Time In Seven Decades Posted Wed, Apr 22 2015 - 8:00AM
Thomas Cain lost both his parents by the time he was 13 and he has never had any photos of her. Cain's granddaughter, Andrea Ferrell, knew he had wanted to see his parents' faces again, and did some searching in the hopes of finding a photo of them for her grandfather.

Ferrell was able to give a picture of Cain's mother, Ora Mae Blackmon, to him. It was the first time in about 70 years he was able to see her face.
Uplifting Video: Taylor Swift's Mom Steals Show At ACM Awards With Touching Introduction Posted Tue, Apr 21 2015 - 8:43AM
We all can expect a mom to be in her daughter's corner. However, Andrea Finlay took it to a whole other level Sunday night.

Finlay, recently diagnosed with cancer, presented her daughter, Taylor Swift, with the Milestone Award at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Nashville. Finlay beamed with pride as she described how her daughter has matured in the recent years and become the woman she is today.
Uplifting Video: R2-D2 Does Dance With Wheelchair-Bound Boy At Star Wars Convention Posted Tue, Apr 21 2015 - 8:17AM
Talk about an out-of-this world experience.

At a Star Wars convention in California recently, R2-D2 thrilled a young, wheelchair-bound fan. The robot, made by another fan, sent the kid into a giggle fit, beeping and following his movements as the boy wheeled around the room.

What followed was absolutely adorable.