Brock Human

Native to Knoxville, Tennessee, Brock Human began playing drums at age five, and songwriting from the guitar by age thirteen. In his late teens, he began annual travels to Mozambique and a passion emerged: a passion to see the third world connect with the developed. In response, he began recording local musicians in Mozambique, fully producing them in stateside studios, and releasing the recordings to generate profit for the people of Mozambique. A recent album, NYMraka (recorded in Makua-the native language of remote northern Mozambique) is played nationwide in the coastal, East African country.

While Brock continues to build a platform to benefit musicians in the third world, he has worked as part of the Knoxville-based band, United Pursuit, who has consistently released top 100 charting albums on iTunes. The influences of life in Africa, growing up with bands in the South, and childhood musical influences like Radiohead and David Gray have shaped a familiar, yet multi-ethnic sound that is felt throughout the first full-length album from Brock Human, Color of Red. Brock currently resides with his wife and family of friends in Los Angeles.