Tommy Ford

Actor Tommy Ford is a Hollywood veteran who became famous for his role in the syndicated sitcom Martin as Martin Lawrence’s best friend and side-kick “Tommy”. He recently completed four seasons on TV One’s hit show, Who's Got Jokes hosted by Bill Bellemy, as the hilarious Pope of Comedy. 

In the past two years Tommy has starred in more than 10 films: In the MeantimeFirst ImpressionHillbilly HighwayIvy LeagueWho Did I MarryUnspoken WordDouglass UDreamsNo More GamesSwitching the ScriptHard Lessons4 PlayMississippi Blues, and Back Court in addition to a new TV series called Basketball Wives.

Recently, Tommy has been focusing on building a successful career behind the camera. He has directed and produced several webisodes, television dramas and sitcom pilots: Blvd WestTroupeHealing 100 HeartsComedy Camp and others.  He directed and produced seven films: Conflict of Interest, Baby Mama's Club, Beat Street Resurrected, The Club, At Momu's Feet, Breezes  and Switching Lanes. Ford joined the cast of two wonderful television productions Sugar Mommas and To Love and To Cherish, which debuted on UP. 

Whether playing Tommy on FOX’s hit Martin, displaying a versatile style on FOX’s drama New York Undercover or his recurring role as the fun-loving father on UPN’s The Parkers, Ford is constantly making changes in his career and finding success in any endeavor he chooses to take on. He followed a long time dream and launched a series of award winning children’s books that are designed to promote healthy, spiritual, and non-violent living while guiding young people towards becoming better people. 

He has been involved in numerous legitimate theater productions for which he has received tremendous critical acclaim for his producing, directing and acting efforts. Among those productions are Jonin, South of Where We Live, (Drama Logue Award, Image Award nominations), Monsoon Christmas (Drama Logue & Image Award), Living Room (Image Award nomination) and Distant Fires (Drama Logue & Image Award nomination) among a host of others.

Tommy is excited to introduce two variety talk shows and a documentary that he is filming in Atlanta.

He’s also filming a documentary entitled: Reverse the Lynch Curse an empowering piece about breaking curses of fear distrust and envy. Tommy is proud to pioneer a host of other amazing projects.