In the pilot episode of the series, a reverend and his wife work to give each of their five children the support and freedom they need to face their challenges with love and sensitivity.

Family Secrets
Episode 102

Matt befriends an unwed teenage mother-to-be and comes into suspicion for keeping her secret.

Matt is finally allowed back in the driver’s seat…until he backs into a police car.

A loss is mourned and a baby is born, as the Camdens recover from the death of Annie’s mother.

The Color Of God
Episode 105

When a church in a black neighborhood is burned to the ground, the Camdens feels the fire of racism licking at their door.

Episode 106

Lucy enters a haunted house and leaves with a new friend…the town boogie man!

Episode 107

Mary’s so embarrassed by her family’s overly enthusiastic support in the stands, that she doesn’t want them attend her basketball games.

What Will People Say?
Episode 108

Eric has been spotted at a downtown hotel with a beautiful woman and the whole town is talking.

When Annie and Matt are held up at gunpoint, they’re robbed of their money and their sense of security.

Aunt Julie comes to visit for Thanksgiving and brings her drinking problem with her.

Now You See Me
Episode 111

Matt’s new girlfriend seeks refuge from the divorce wars amongst his warm and loving family.

Plans for Lucy’s surprise birthday party backfire and Happy has puppies.

When Mary steals a glass, Matt takes the rap and gets busted.

Seven Is Enough
Episode 114

Eric’s desire to adopt a young runaway may create a permanent rift with his own father.

Happy’s Valentine
Episode 115

When mom and dad go camping, the kids throw a party and quickly lose control.

Brave New World
Episode 116

The school bully experiences a severe lapse in judgement when he tries to sexually harass Mary.

Episode 117

Camille, a beautiful girl with a wild reputation, befriends Mary, and starts to influence her behavior. Keri Russell guest stars.

Eric puts his job on the line to help an ex-con.

Eric’s parents come to visit and almost lose their newly adopted son George.

Say Goodbye
Episode 120

Lucy’s best friend moves away, while Annie’s best friend from high school returns…and makes a pass at Matt!

Annie blows a fuse when her recently widowed father comes to town with his new girlfriend. Wait till she finds out that Mary’s new boyfriend has a son!

Mary undergoes surgery after getting hit by a car and Annie prays for strength to forgive her father.