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Twin sisters Heather Fujikawa & Heidi Andrews, along with their husbands and seven kids are coming together under one roof to start an interior design business. While, the two families adjust to the new living conditions Heather & Heidi, design a bedroom for some special clients.

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Playroom Palooza
Episode 102

Heather & Heidi take on designing a playroom for their first official design project. Heidi & Paul go on a dinner date to celebrate their anniversary while Heather & Tyson watch all seven kids alone for the first time.

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Office Space
Episode 103

Heather & Heidi are in full design mode as they redesign Tyson’s home office to serve as the Joyful Living headquarters.

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While designing a dining space for a family of six, Heather & Heidi learn that balancing motherhood and work is a bigger task than they expected.

Hotel Room Makeover
Episode 105

As the business grows, Heather & Heidi receive an amazing opportunity to design a hotel. The only catch is the two have different design ideas and decide to present competing design boards to snag the project. It’s Isla & Lily’s birthday and to make sure no one feels left out Heather & Heidi plan a party for all seven kids.

Heather & Heidi take on a new build when they design a living room and dining space for a family of seven. Tyson longs for the days before the Andrews moved in and decides to have a house meeting.

Outdoor Wow!
Episode 107

Heather & Heidi want to give Paul & Tyson a Father’s Day surprise by redesigning the back patio but in order to pull it off they have to convince the guys to take the kids camping.

Heather & Heidi receive an opportunity to have their work featured in a local magazine. But when Heidi becomes bedridden Heather has to take on the workload for two. Tyson feels neglected and becomes frustrated with Heather.

Heather & Heidi redesign a bedroom for a retired navy veteran while planning a huge launch party for their business, Joyful Living Designs.

New Baby, New Nursery
Episode 110

It’s been ten weeks since the Andrews moved in with the Fujikawas and a lot of lessons have been learned. Heather & Heidi use their knowledge as mothers to design a nursery. Heidi & Paul celebrate the upcoming addition to their family by having a gender reveal party.