Episode 101

ED is the story about the quirky life of New York attorney Ed Stevens (Tom
Cavanagh), who moves back to his small Midwestern hometown of Stuckeyville after
losing his job and dumping his cheating wife. Once there, he’s intent on pursuing
romance with attractive teacher Carol Vessey (Julie Bowen), the most popular girl in
high school when they were classmates years before — although she barely knew him
— and she’s now dating someone else. Nevertheless, Ed believes he has a chance
with Carol, so he buys a bowling alley, begins a law practice there and moves in with
his best friend Mike (Josh Randall), and Mike’s wife, Nancy (Jana Marie Hupp), who
are new parents.

Ed feels like he blew his moment with Carol and he wants to try and get it back but Nick has professed his love to Carol and they are back together. Stuckeyville Stan, a kid’s birthday magician, comes to Ed for help claiming another magician in town is spoiling his act by revealing how he does his

Just Friends
Episode 103

“Ed claims to have adjusted to being “just friends” with Carol. When he receives
divorce papers from Liz he renews his pursuit of Carol.”

“Carol realizes that she and Nick might not be so perfect as she once thought. Ed
finds himself in the awkward position of Carol’s confidant all the while having a real
vested interest in her decision to break it off with Nick.”

Better Days
Episode 105

Now that Carol has broken up with NIck, Ed tries one more romantic gesture, this
time sky-writing to win her over, but to no avail. If anything this time, it sends her
the other direction. But ultimately, the two realize that they could use each other
around as friends right now, and resolve to be just that.

Carol, who always dreamed of becoming a writer, is envious of her student who
seems to write from greater and more interesting life experience. She decides to
leave town.

It’s Thanksgiving, and Ed has realized he’s alone for the first time on a holiday. He
decides to get rid of old traditions and start his own by throwing a big Thanksgiving
dinner at the bowling alley. Nancy’s parents are in town, and they join in the festivities.
Carol, who’s actually trying to embrace her alone time, reluctantly joins in as well.

The Whole Truth
Episode 108

Molly asks Ed to help her dying grandfather with his will, and when he confides in
Ed that’s he’s planning to reveal to his family that he’s been hiding his
homosexuality for the past 20 years, Ed’s supportive. But when the grandfather
passes away before getting the opportunity, Ed’s faced with an ethical dilemma.

Your Life Is Now
Episode 109

Ed gets frustrated when the appliance store keeps him waiting at home all day to
deliver a refrigerator that never comes, so sets out to waste a day of their business as
payback. But, when they sue for loss of revenue, Ed has to represent himself, and
prove how valuable his time is.

Losing Streak
Episode 110

Ed’s parents come to town to try and convince Ed that he’s made some sort of
mistake by moving home to Stuckeyville, but once Ed begins to doubt himself, both
he and his parents realize that Stuckeyville is exactly where he’s meant to be.

Opposites Distract
Episode 111

Ed goes face to face with Stuckeyville’s DA, Bonnie Hane, on a case where the city is
suing a good samaritan who’s filling violator’s parking meters when they run out of

Hook, Line and Sinker
Episode 112

Bonnie Hane is under Ed’s skin, and when she asks him out on a date, much to his
surprise, he goes and has a great time.

The Music Box
Episode 113

When Carol gets a very valuable and sentimental music box stolen out of her car, Ed
seeks the help of Bonnie Hane (Rena Sofer) to help arrest the guy who did it,
causing turmoil in both his relationship with Bonnie and his relationship with Carol.

Valentine’s Day
Episode 114

“Ed is forced to confront his situation with Bonnie and Carol head-on when he
realizes he has two dates for Valentine’s Day.”

Episode 115

When Bonnie Hane gets an offer to be a clerk to a judge in Washington D.C., she
decides to leave, and Ed struggles with why he can’t ask her to stay.

Live Deliberately
Episode 116

Ed gets a new client, Bailey Johnson, who is looking for help with a patent. When a
chemical fire breaks out in Bailey’s lab, he is rushed to the hospital, near death, and goes
on a life-living spree trying to do everything he’s never done before.

Episode 117

One of Carol’s prize students is failing gym, and when Ed agrees to talk to his former
coach to see about going easy on the kid so as not to risk his scholarship potential,
Ed finds that he actually agrees with the gym teacher’s point of view. Carol is
furious, but things get even worse when the gym teacher hires Ed as his lawyer after
the kids’ parents sue him.

The Test
Episode 118

Ed represents a woman who finds herself in an unusual circumstance after she set up
her husband to see if he would cheat on her. When he actually does cheat, the
woman sues for divorce.

With the help of Carol, Ed tries to talk a very young couple out of getting married at

Mind Over Matter
Episode 120

Ed represents a man who has been mislead into believing that a miracle drug was
curing his arthritis, when in fact the drug was a placebo.

Mixed Signals
Episode 121

Things with Ed and Carol heat up after they almost kiss.

Prom Night
Episode 122

After much awkwardness, Carol asks Ed to the high school prom and things really
heat up.