Episode 100

Comedian Bernie Mac becomes guardian of his sister’s three children, only to realize how much constant attention and love they need.

Now You Got It
Episode 101

Despite his valiant efforts to stay healthy, Bernie gets very sick from germs passed around at Bryana’s birthday party and misses his Vegas trip.

Starting School
Episode 102

After much struggle, Bernie gets the kids off to their first day at school.

Saving Bernie Mac
Episode 103

Bernie’s scheme to “church” the kids backfires when the church puts too many demands on him.

The Main Event
Episode 104

When Bernie tries to teach Jordan to defend himself, Jordan turns into a bully, causing Bernie to almost mend his own bullying ways.

Stop Having Sex
Episode 105

Bernie learns that although he wants to protect Vanessa and Jordan from the hazards of growing up, he also has to protect their personal rights.

Here to Say
Episode 106

Bernie comes to appreciate Vanessa, Jordan, and Bryana as family rather than mere boarders in his house.

Bernie Mac’s genius with crafts and homemaking qualify him as a new breed of manly-man.

Christmas Story
Episode 108

An angel, in the form of a dog named Buddy, visits the Mac household during the Christmas season and sparks selflessness and thankfulness in the children.

Hot, Hot, Hot
Episode 109

On a hot winter day, tempers flair and Bernie is locked out of the house… until an all-out water fight cools everyone down.

Wanda’s Week Off
Episode 110

Bernie initially shuts down Wanda’s case of baby fever, but eventually changes his flat “no” to a lukewarm “maybe.”

Handle Your Business
Episode 111

When Bernie uses family issues as material on a morning radio show, he gets a taste of his own medicine and vows never to do it again.

King and I
Episode 112

Vanessa’s budding young womanhood rocks the Mac household.

Hall of Fame
Episode 113

Jordan risks his future manhood to get into the Mac Hall of Fame.

Back in the Day
Episode 114

When signs of age afflict Bernie Mac, he fights back and loses.

Lock Down
Episode 115

When an intruder breaks into his house, Bernie goes to extreme measures to keep the family safe both at home and in public.

Mac 101
Episode 116

When he realizes that the kids are falling behind in cultural and intellectual advancement, Bernie imposes enrichment programs that backfire.

If I N-Riched Man
Episode 117

Bernie has to bite his tongue after Social Services investigates his home as potentially “hostile”, leading to a delayed explosion.

Kelly’s Heroes
Episode 118

Bernie receives some insight into parenting when Kelly stays with the family and becomes chummy with the kids.

Secrets & Lies
Episode 119

The members of the Mac household are caught in lies that weave a web of deception.

As their visit to Chicago comes to an end, both Bernie and Vanessa learn enlightening truths about their respective parentage.

As their visit to Chicago comes to an end, both Bernie and Vanessa learn enlightening truths about their respective parentage.