Jeff’s Life 101
Episode 101

Jeff tries to win his father-in-law’s respect by attempting to pay off their loan.

Jeff insists he isn’t jealous when Karen’s old boyfriend returns for a visit.

The Gene Pool
Episode 103

Jeff must overcome his own fear of the water to convince Matt to take swimming lessons.

To get to know him better, Jeff takes his father-in-law fishing.

Womb With a View
Episode 105

A party for Matt’s school forces Jeff to confront a disgruntled client.

Halloween brings out a competitive streaks in Jeff and his father-in-law, Elliot.

Jeff agrees to care for his in-law’s purebred dog and Karen’s elderly patient.

A Sore Winter
Episode 108

The Foxworthy’s go to Hollywood for an appearance on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Jeff agrees to help his pregnant wife with Christmas preparations.

Foxworthy Family Feud
Episode 110

Despite his attempt to stay out of his in-law’s dispute, Jeff is blamed when his sister-in-law decides to end her marriage.

Matt About You
Episode 111

A bully’s mean trick gets Matt in trouble with his parents.

As he fights to save his business, Jeff discovers his sister-in-law won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Before You Say No
Episode 113

Jeff’s brother Wayne offers to help keep his business alive.

Deede Day
Episode 114

Jeff disagrees when Wayne hires an ex-girlfriend to work at the shop.

The victim of a childhood prank returns for revenge against Wayne; Elliot seeks shelter from his wife’s amorous advances.

Episode 116

Jeff and Wayne team up to give Matt an important family rite of passage.

Wayne’s success as a stand-up comic rekindles his rivalry with Jeff; Gayle’s new job is a challenge for her dour attitude.

1 Wedding and a Baby
Episode 118

The arrival of Jeff and Karen’s baby upstages Wayne’s unexpected marriage to Deedee.