When Carolyn and her ex-husband Donald split, he was granted full custody of their daughter Cassie, who was three years old at the time. Following the divorce, Carolyn stayed in touch with Cassie until she turned 12, when all communication abruptly ceased. Today, Carolyn is undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphocytic leukemia, and she needs to alert her about this hereditary disease.

A Mother’s Hope
Episode 102

Sandra Ashman, 52, is searching for her younger sister, Jennie Lorensen. Sandra only found out that she had had a sister at the age of 25, after reading about it in her mother’s diary. Their mother Penny now has cancer and has been given only a few months to live. Will Jennie be interested in reuniting with her biological mother?

A Brother’s Story
Episode 103

Jerry and Debra have been on a quest to find their half-brother Michael for almost 40 years. At the age of five and six, Jerry and Debra were sent to stay with their birth father. Michael, two years-old at the time, remained with his birth father. After several failed attempts to find Michael using private investigators, they reached out to Troy.

Samantha is seeking her long-lost godmother. Growing up, Samantha spent a large chunk of time with her godmother since both her parents were in the military. Hattie remarried and moved away when Samantha was 14, and they never saw one another again. Seventeen years later, Samantha still feels as though she lost her own mother.

Brothers Lost & Found
Episode 105

In 1969, Kelly, then a young girl pregnant with her first son, Christopher, made the difficult decision to give him to a couple who could provide him with a better life. A few years later, she met her future husband, and they had a son, Ricardo. Ricardo dreams of meeting his brother and establishing a relationship with him.

Stolen Kisses
Episode 106

Angel Fox gave birth to identical twins when she was just 16 years old. After her marriage broke up, their father was given custody. Months later, she learned that Jack had moved the family, taking the children to an undisclosed location. Angel was devastated. It’s been so long, will the boys be interested in reuniting with their biological mother?

Katie’s Last Hope
Episode 107

Adopted when she was a baby, Katie has always wanted to meet her birth family. She knows that her birth mother’s name is Kathy and that she had two other girls: Portia and Alicia. Troy gives Katie the surprise of her life when he finds Kathy in Texas. Will this meeting help Katie get the answers she’s been seeking?

A Wife’s Gift
Episode 108

Over 30 years ago, John Reed and his three sisters were placed in a foster home, after it was determined they were victims of neglect by their birth mother. Shortly thereafter, John and his older sister Monica were both taken in by one family, while their two younger sisters, Lola and Nicole were adopted separately by another family. Can Troy bring them back together?

A Daughter’s Tears
Episode 109

When Jaclyn got pregnant out of wedlock at the age of 21, her father, a devout Catholic, turned his back on her. At the time, Jaclyn was devastated, but she would now like to show him how she has pulled her life together in the 12 years that have lapsed since their falling out. Will Troy be able to locate him?

25 Years Later
Episode 110

Annie and Nicole both dealt with turbulent home lives and were labelled ‘bad girls’. After a year spent touring with a rock band and working as lingerie models, Annie and Nicole wound up in juvenile detention. Annie’s father bailed Nicole out – but not Annie. Annie wants to reconnect with Nicole to show her the kind of woman she’s become.